bonefold makes websites for everyone.

Rather than relying on a mysterious pile of Wordpress plugins, we create secure, fast, and beautiful code, the effectiveness of which we can demonstrate with independent testing software.

We design and build websites. We create custom themes for Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, Big Cartel, Volusion, and Cargo Collective. Our swatchbooks are full of gorgeous paper, waiting to be selected for the tactically exquisite thank you notes you’ll mail with your newest product.

our accessibility mission

People with disabilities access your site with alternate input devices such as joysticks, sip-and-puff systems, and modified keyboards, screen reader and screen enlarger software, closed captioning, and refreshable braille displays, so we write code that cooperates with accessibility technology and settings at no additional cost.

We make websites that look good and play well with others.

bonefold is full service.

how we work

  1. You always know what’s happening with your projects.
  2. You get complete copies of all assets, credentials, and code.
  3. You have the tools you need to independently maintain your projects.

what to expect

We create a contract that clearly lays out the expectations, timeline, and intellectual property rights of your project.

we pinky swear

We don’t cut corners. All of our code is accessible and W3C compliant.

let’s do this

We’re ready to elevate the reputation of your nonprofit, meet section 508 compliance requirements for your internal government agency website, give the world a preview of your next museum show, or finally bring your new product to market.